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Thank you...

to everyone who has posted kind words for DVG and our games! Here are some of those testimonials!

" Just got and played through Warfighter Modern. You guys knocked this one out of the park. Game play is straight forward and intuitive. Replayabilty is excellent. The game components were also excellent with the redesigned mounted board, good card stock, and individual die cut playing chits. Thank you for a quality produced game."

Corbyn P.

"Hi Sarah & Kevin, Just want you to know how pleased I am with such a quick delivery to myself in the U.K. I a massive fan of DVG have loads of your games and expansions, but to receive my recent order of stands and Errata packs for my games so quickly, that's a Top job you have done there Thank you Thank You it shows you care. Have a Great Honeymoon and I look forward to more games from DVG so impressed Brilliant, can really get stuck into Corsair Leader now."

Darren P.

"I compare DVG’s (Sarah) to almost every other company I work with. It’s really not fair. Nobody stands a chance."

Tim R.

"Shipped on 24 September at 11:02 am from San Dimas, California; on my doorstep on 26 September at 2:54 pm in Greenville, PA. THAT IS HOW IT'S DONE!!! Buying games and accessories from your favorite game company - $xxx on your debit MasterCard. Having your two youngest children calling you at work, notifying that your package has arrived and actually asking if they can open it and start learning how to kill Zombies for when you get home - PRICELESS!

As always, Thank You to Sarah, Kevin, Dan and the whole DVG Team. You are truly a Class Act!"

Brian P.

"There are hundreds of companies out there that could learn a thing or two about customer service from DVG. Could you imagine if your cable/internet provider has customer service as great as DVG. "What a wonderful world this would be.""

William L.

"Well another outstanding interaction with DVG! Submitted my order at 10:06 am EST and was notified at 1:13 pm that it had been shipped! Thank You!... Sarah is truly outstanding at what she does. She is always super fast in responses to my questions about stock status or whatever other question I have. I am also very grateful to her, you (Kevin) and Dan for doing what you did for me today. You all are a class act!"

Brian P.

"VERY excited to add several decks to the collection, especially the Modern War Fallujah and Kandahar packs! I was surprised how much I got into the Zombie sets, and anything that deals with Castle Frankenstein is a must-own! ...so I picked up the two packs, too. Rounded out the 5-Pack Pledge with the Bastogne deck, and an add-on of Maquis.
Great stretch goals. The dice are super awesome. Extra cards and sleeves. And I am very excited to get a card crate! ...that’s going to make transport to game venues so much better!!! I’ll probably pick up another couple down the line.
I have to say, the only thing I really hemmed and hawed over was he Dieppe deck...I had limited $’s so, that will come later down the line.
Just an awesome KickStarter, and so rare to see game companies that are so supportive of their game lines by pumping out more and more content. That’s why DVG is in my Top 5 Fav Game Companies!!!"

Emery G.

"I have had a few minor dealings with DVG CS in the past and was extremely pleased with the level of care I received..Saturday,I emailed Sarah to inform her that I was having a problem with the warping of my Sherman Leader battlebord.I just received an E mail from Sarah asking if I would prefer a replacement board or a neoprene mat..I opted for the mat and 2 minutes later,I received a tracking number..Now,I have to tell you posters that everything I have been reading about DVG’s level of care is not true..falsehoods and fabrications..I want y’all know there’s really no adjectives to describe how this Company values it’s customers! I have been walking this earth for a good many years and never,not once,experienced the caring I was shown today..it defies description...its a nice warm and comfortable feeling to know that companies like this still exist..thank you all!"

Tom M.

"I am really enjoying your Phantom Leader game, it is everything I wanted in a air combat game. To me it beats SPI's old "Foxbat and Phantom" which still holds a place in my heart! :) I am looking forward to seeing Tiger leader being republished. DVG rocks, you guys/girls have my future business!"

Walter M.

"Thanks Sarah! Great customer service, as always!"

Kevin M.

"Played an awesome game of 1500 The New World last night. Very intense finish. I ended up winning by one point. My brother in law came screaming from last to second on the final turn due to a great hand. Love this game! Sarah, thanx for turning me into this gem!"

Chuck S.

"After buying the DVG Games solo game Field Commander Napoleon just after Xmas, I felt it was time to take another foray into the shop and buy another from the series. This time it was further back into history with Field Commander Alexander. For those who know the series by Dan Verssen and family, then no problem. But for all the players who do not, I'll give you
a detailed run down of my conclusions about them.

These games (and the other two which make up the series) are purely solo games where you take the part of the particular famed commander of history. All movement and combat decisions of the opposing side are decided by dice rolls
and working from tables on the relevant game map.

Now I know some of you will groan, "Not another dice roller game, how original!!" and immediately shut off any interest. Before you get too wound up into a knot, the designers of these games have taken this simple function and twisted it most elegantly (in my opinion) into an entirely new shape. EACH map is a new and totally separate campaign, which means every one has its own set tables for movements and possible combats as a result. Depending on the particulars of history in that campaign, DVG have created tables which take into account the national traits of the country or coalition of the time. In other words, the enemy units will not be flying off all over the map in random directions. They will however, constantly move every game turn towards the set goals of that nation or coalition.
Every move they make will follow a logical historic pattern.

As an example, a later campaign for "Napoleon" has the French player (YOU) having to defend Paris and its approaches for as long as possible. This is basically a hold out at all costs until you get kicked in the nuts campaign!!! All enemy forces will be coming at you from different directions, at different times AND in varying strengths. Your tactical "nous" will decide how long you can hold them back. You have to decide where and when to move French forces to protect a threatened area. You may be able to see bloody great hordes of the enemy on the map in front of you. But, as was plain in that time of history, merely knowing they are there will NOT tell you how many will move to attack you and more importantly, when. So, DVG have captured the "grey area" of poor
intelligence regarding enemy intentions quite nicely.

When enemy forces do move, DVG have even refined this procedure as well. Forces are moved as discrete groups, or as a whole when the nation operated in this way. Again, from history, DVG have grouped the possible units into "Corps" size packages. For the European nations, this was the accepted way of moving combat troops around. In most Napoleon campaigns, enemy nations move their combat formations in groups of three or four. But in the Egypt campaign, enemy Ottomans move as a mass in each area. Again, historically and tactically correct. And again, you may be able to see the enemy, but you won't know how many formations, and more importantly, their exact composition until the dice are rolled and the horrible mass of enemy units come crashing onto your doorstep!

So you see, playing a particular campaign to conclusion six times WILL give you a general idea of enemy movement patterns. This you can take into future sessions and try to refine your offensive approach. BUT, it will NOT play out to the same result every time. The enemy groupings may come from different directions and in different combat strengths. Your decisions about when to engage and with how many troops remain the overriding factors. You are constantly running down the clock in every campaign. The impartial enemy remains under NO obligation to help you in any shape or form. Not at all bad for a "pot boiler" dice rolling game wouldn't you say?

If this is not enough mental torture, those fiendish DVG folks have refined the agony by making each campaign resupply and building procedure different as well. You may think, I'll take it slow and build up before I launch the final attack. Only to find that in the meantime, your enemy has been left alone placing garrisons, fortresses and their own reinforcements in all the places you must conquer to win!! Again it comes down to the decisions every commander has had to make from the stone age up to modern times.
Do I rebuild damaged units, or do I bring in reinforcements, and where do I put them if I do!

All of this is merely the foreplay before you get into the action of actual game combat rounds. There, they have taken it to new heights of agony. In all games, your enemy and yourself have a varying number of combat "chits" per turn. These are granted and placed according to certain rules on the units present. You place the chits, play a combat round for both sides, then draw more chits and repeat to a battle conclusion. Sounds simple and somewhat predictable? Wrong!!!

In Napoleon each "chit" has a sequence of allowed options on it. You simply see if the unit activates this round, then work your way through the list of possible options, performing EVERY one that applies. Some might have infantry bonuses, others have bonuses for cavalry. Some give bonuses for staff officers or reducing casualties. So, even here, playing the same
battle six times will NEVER give the same result.

Combat in Alexander follows a slightly different procedure. It has chits to use for both sides. But the actual process, placement and combat is naturally different. But having played the first campaign three times in one day. I can say with conviction it both works, AND is a bitch at times !. If you know your Alexander at all, in my first attempt at the battle of Chaeronea I lost most of the army and then Alexander himself in personal combat. Even with the bonuses due him in this battle I could not guarantee victory. So, to all
prospective players out there, this is one swine of a game but I'm hooked already!

All in all I cannot give this series enough credit. From the outside they look such a simple concept. But looking at the details of enemy movement, resupply and then how they work in combat, you can work out the elegance of how they have been put together. From this, there can only be one obvious conclusion. This series is definitely one to be placed at the top of your "Must get" list.
Your only decision left is "Who do I want to be today ?. Alexander, Napoleon. Rommel or Nimitz?"

I hope this has been of some use to those who may still remain undecided about these games.
My recommendation is to dip your toe in and buy one."

Steve R.

"I bought my first DVG game in August 2018 Fleet Commander Nimitz. It was love at first play through!
I am now the proud owner of 8 AMAZING DVG titles! You can't go wrong which ever game you choose."

  • Jared C.

"Having sold all of my old Avalon Hill and SPI two player games, I had given up totally on board games until
I found Hornet Leader and Phantom Leader and now I am a converted to DVG addict!"

Tom K.

"Bought Phantom Leader (my first DVG purchase) as a present for my dad right after the first edition was released. He was the Squadron Commander's crew chief for the first RF-4 squadron in Vietnam (65-66). His memory was beginning to fade so he had difficulty playing the game. So, I learned the rules and sat down with him at his dining room table. I played the game as he watched. I would tell him his options at each move and allow him to make the decisions. Thus, he played his game through me.
He's deceased now and I would not trade that game period."

Joe H.

I've been an avid military board gamer for almost 40 years now. Almost, every game I ever owned before DVG was either 2 player or had some solo play as an after thought. They gathered a lot of dust between gaming sessions. Enter Phantom Leader and Field Commander Napoleon and I am hooked for life. I'm currently looking at 18 DVG game titles and can't decide which one I want to play next. The game play for every title is simple to learn but rich in strategy. My latest edition is DIFLO, now I can have air combat solo?
Does life get any better?

Bart B.

It doesn’t matter which DVG game I pull from my shelf, I know I’m getting my money’s worth, and that I’m going to get a run for my money.

Tom T.

Warfighter was my first experience with DVG and it definitely will not be my last. The game immerses you in the firefights and rewards careful and tactical game play. Deciding what gear and which soldiers to bring before each mission is almost as fun as the missions are themselves. If you are a solo or co-op gamer who craves a modern military infantry (or a WWII) experience, do not miss this one!

David L.

This company is the reason i got back into gaming. Warfighter is one of the best games i've played.
The customer service and support are fantastic. Thanks Folks!

Ray A.

...and more to come!