The DVG Office will be closed 11/19-12/4 for order shipment!

Kevin and Sarah will be on their Honeymoon in this time.

Orders will not be filled in this time frame, so get your orders in now!!! Emails and orders will be dealt with in the order they were received upon their return. Thank you for your patience and understanding :)

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In Stock: 1st edition unless specified

1500 - The New World and Expansions

B-17 Leader 2nd edition

B-17 Leader Miniatures

Battle For Stalingrad

Card Sleeves

Corsair Leader

Corsair Leader Aces Expansion

Corsair Leader Miniatures

Corsair Leader Neoprene Mat

Corsair Leader T-Shirt Large-4XL

Deep Dish Counter Tray

Down In Flames - Aces High

Down In Flames - Aces High Extra Decks

Down In Flames - Guns Blazing

Down In Flames - Guns Blazing Extra Decks

Down In Flames - Locked-On

Down In Flames - Locked-On Extra Decks

Down In Flames- Wingmen Expansion

Field Commander Alexander

Field Commander Napoleon

Field Commander Rommel Deluxe

Gamer Pack

Gato and U-Boat Miniatures

Gato Leader

Germany Six-sided Dice

Hornet Leader

Hornet Leader The Cthulhu Conflict

Hornet Leader Neoprene Mat

Israeli Air Force Leader

Israeli Air Force Leader Miniatures

Japan Six-sided Dice

Kill Shot

Miniatures Airplane Stands

Modern Land Battles

Modern Naval Battles

Pavlov's House 2nd Edition

Pavlov's House Neoprene Mat

Phantom Leader Deluxe

Phantom Leader Deluxe Miniatures

Rise of the Zombies!

Rise of the Zombies! Poster

Russia Six-sided Dice

Sherman Leader

Sherman Leader German Miniatures

Sherman Leader Neoprene Mat

Sherman Leader US Miniatures

Tank Leader Series Commander Cards

Tank Leader Series Terrain Tile Pack

The Cards of Cthulhu (will not be reprinted once out of stock)

The Cards of Cthulhu- Beyond the Veil Expansion (will not be reprinted once out of stock)

The Cards of Cthulhu- Bonus Pack (will not be reprinted once out of stock)

The Cards of Cthulhu- Coin Pack (will not be reprinted once out of stock)

Thunderbolt-Apache Leader Miniatures

Tiger Leader Miniatures

Tiger Leader Neoprene Mat

U-Boat Leader 2nd edition

United Kingdom Six-sided Dice

United States Six-sided Dice

War of the Worlds- England

War of the Worlds- France

War of the Worlds- Japan

War of the Worlds- US

Warfighter Modern Core Game 3rd edition

Warfighter Modern Expansion 4 Bullet Dice

Warfighter Modern Expansion 9 Footlocker

Warfighter Modern Expansions 1-3

Warfighter Modern Expansions 5 & 8 2nd edition

Warfighter Modern Neoprene Mat

Warfighter WWII Ammo Box Card Decks

Warfighter WWII Core Game 2nd edition

Warfighter WWII Expansion 5 Ammo Box

Warfighter WWII Expansions 1-4 & 6-12

Warfighter WWII Metal Tokens

Warfighter WWII Neoprene Mat

Warfighter WWII US, UK, German, Russian Miniatures

Modern Naval Battles

Modern Naval Battles Ship Expansion

Warfighter Pacific Core Game

Warfighter Pacific Expansions 14-45

Warfighter Pacific Neoprene Mat

Warfighter Korean War Neoprene Mat

At The Printer:

In production:

Warfighter Shadow War Core Game

Warfighter Modern/ Shadow War Expansions 14-24 & 26-43

Warfighter PMC Core Game

Warfighter PMC Expansions 1-3

Corsair Leader Errata Pack

Warfighter Pacific Errata Pack

Warfighter Modern Errata Pack

Combo Errata Pack for Down in Flames, B-17, Thunderbolt, Sherman,  and Israeli

Castle Itter

Warfighter Modern Expansions 6-7

Out of Stock but will be reprinted:

Tiger Leader

Thunderbolt-Apache Leader

Fleet Commander Nimitz